IuriiO Notebook

Selecting a Database Type

Key points when selecting databases
  • Ease-of-learning curve
  • Ease of data modeling
  • Scalability/throughput
  • Availability/partitioning tolerance
  • Consistency
  • Programming language support, product maturity, SQL support, and community
  • Read/write priority (does the database prioritizes reads over writes, or the other way around)
Database types (with examples)
  • Relational - PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL
  • Key-value - Riak KV, Amazon DynamoDB, Redis
  • Document - MongoDB, Couchbase, Amazon DocumentDB
  • Columnar - Cassandra, Scylla, Amazon SimpleDB
  • Graph - Neo4j, Infinite Graph, Tiger Graph
  • NewSQL - VoltDB, ClustrixDB, SimpleStore (aka MemSQL)
  • Cloud-native - Snowflake, Datomic, Redshift
  • Time-series - InfluxDB, kdb+, Amazon Timestream