• Snowball is a physical device used for transporting many terabytes or petabytes of data into and out of AWS

  • Makes large scale of data transfer fast, easy and secure

  • Comes in tamper-resistant enclosure

  • Uses 256-bit encryption

  • It's region specific, not for transporting data from one region to another

When to use Snowball

  • When you have many TB or PB of data to upload

  • You don't want to make expensive upgrades to your network for a one-off data transfer

  • If you frequently experience data backlog

    If you're in a physically isolated environment, high-bandwidth internet is not available or is cost-prohibitive

  • If it takes more than a week to upload your data

Snowball Edge

  • Each Snowball Edge is a 100TB device, which also features onboard compute power which can be clustered to act as a single storage and compute pool.

  • Designed to undertake local processing / edge computing, as well as data transfer.

  • S3 compatible endpoint, supports NFS, and can also run Lambda functions as data is copied to the device.

  • S3 buckets and Lambda functions come pre-configured on the device.

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