CRD's and The Operator Pattern

CRD's and The Operator Pattern

  • You can add 3rd-party Resources and Controllers

  • This extends Kubernetes API and CLI

  • A pattern is starting to emerge of using these together

  • Operator: automate deployment and management of complex apps, e.g. Databases, monitoring tools, backups, and custom ingresses

Higher Deployment Abstractions

  • All out kubectl commands just talk to the Kubernetes API

  • Kubernetes has limited built-in templating, versioning, tracking and management of your apps

  • There are now many tools to do that, but many are defunct

  • Helm is the most popular

  • 'Compose on Kubernetes' comes with Docker Desktop

  • These are optional, and your distro may have a preference

  • Most distros support Helm

  • Many of the deployment tools have templating options

  • You'll need a solution as a number of environments / apps grow

  • Helm was the first 'winner' in this space, but can be complex

  • Official 'Kustomize' ( feature works out-of-the-box

  • docker app and Compose-on-Kubernetes are Docker's way

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