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CRD's and The Operator Pattern

CRD's and The Operator Pattern

    You can add 3rd-party Resources and Controllers
    This extends Kubernetes API and CLI
    A pattern is starting to emerge of using these together
    Operator: automate deployment and management of complex apps, e.g. Databases, monitoring tools, backups, and custom ingresses

Higher Deployment Abstractions

    All out kubectl commands just talk to the Kubernetes API
    Kubernetes has limited built-in templating, versioning, tracking and management of your apps
    There are now many tools to do that, but many are defunct
    Helm is the most popular
    'Compose on Kubernetes' comes with Docker Desktop
    These are optional, and your distro may have a preference
    Most distros support Helm
    Many of the deployment tools have templating options
    You'll need a solution as a number of environments / apps grow
    Helm was the first 'winner' in this space, but can be complex
    Official 'Kustomize' (https://github.com/kubernetes-sigs/kustomize) feature works out-of-the-box
    docker app and Compose-on-Kubernetes are Docker's way
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