Web Identity Federation

  • Federation allows users to authenticate with Web Identity Provider (Google, Facebook, etc).

  • The user authenticates first with Web ID Provider and receives a token, which is exchanged for temporary AWS credentials allowing them to assume IAM role

  • Cognito is an Identity Broker which handles interaction between your applications and the Web ID Provider:

    • Provides sign up, sign in, and guest user access

    • Syncs user data for a seamless experience across your devices

    • Cognito is the AWS recommended approach for Web Identity Federation, particularly for mobile apps.

  • Cognito uses User Pools to manage user sign up and sign in directly or via Web ID Provider

  • Cognito acts as an Identity Broker, handling all interactions with Web ID Provider

  • Cognito uses push synchronization to send a silent push notification of user data updates to multiple device types associated with a user ID.

STS AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity

  • Part of STS (Security Token Service)

  • Allows users who have authenticated with Web ID Provider to access AWS resources

  • Once the user has authenticated, the application makes the 'assume-role-with-web-identity' API call.

  • If successful, STS will return temporary credentials enabling access to AWS resources

  • AssumedRoleUser ARN and AssumedRoleID are used to programmatically reference the temporary credentials - not an IAM role or user.

  • Mobile apps should use Cognito for federation instead of STS AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity

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