Storage in Kubernetes

  • Storage and stateful workloads are harder in all systems

  • Containers make it both harder and easier than before

  • StatefulSets is a new resource type, making Pods more sticky

  • Avoid stateful deployments for first few deployments until you're good at the basics

  • Use Database-as-a-Service whenever you can

  • Creating and connecting volumes: 2 types

    • Volumes

      • Tied to a lifecycle of a Pod

      • All containers in a single pod can share them

    • PersistentVolumes / PersistentVolumeClaims

      • Created at a cluster level, outlives a Pod

      • Separates a storage config from Pod using it

      • Multiple Pods can share them

  • CSI (Container Storage Interface) plugins are the new way to connect to storage

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